White Paper : The best way to protect your OT network.

The technology is called Electronic Air Gap, and the product Secure Xchange™. The robustness of our solution has been proven by our customers using the most sophisticated test systems, including those used by NATO.

Secure Xchange allows you to give your users full bi-directional communications between systems on the IT and OT networks, while at the same time providing the same total protection against network-layer attacks that the data diode vendors provide.


The Secure Xchange Story

Is there any way that you can secure your OT network, yet still allow interactive access to applications, databases and protocols?

ANSSI – Recommandations relatives à l’interconnexion d’un système d’information à Internet.
As a national authority (France), ANSSI reports to the General Secretary for Defence and National Security (SGDSN). SGDSN assists the Prime Minister in fulfilling his responsibilities in terms of national defence and security.

Les recommandations R6, R8 et R9 concernent la nécessité de cloisonner les systèmes.
R6 : Les chaînes de traitement distinctes doivent être construites et cloisonnées physiquement de préférence.
R8 : Procéder à une rupture protocolaire des flux.

Les solutions Seclab (Electronic Air Gap) répondent à cette exigence de cloisonnement des systèmes.

Banque de France – ACPR

Risque informatique et cybersécurité dans le domaine des banques et établissements financiers.