The robustness of our solution Secure Xchange™ (based on Electronic Air Gap technology – patented) has been proven by our customers using the most sophisticated test systems, including those used by NATO.

Secure Xchange™ allows you to give your users full bi-directional communications between systems on the IT and OT networks (SCADA, DCS, ..), while at the same time providing the same protection, and even more, against network-layer attacks that the data diode vendors provide.

We offer the best solution on the market to protect layers 1 to 4 of the OSI model from cyber attacks. Attacks like Stuxnet, Black Energy, Wannacry, NotPetya, CrashOverride, etc. all rely on these layers to spread themselves.

Because Secure Xchange™ destroys then recreates by electronic the entire layers 1-4 of every IP packet, it makes it physically impossible for any Network or Transport-layer attack to pass into your OT network.

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